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Cheating Spouses

When people get married, they believe that their love will last forever. They are filled with love and trust for the person that they are committing to and believe that there is nothing in the world that could tear them apart. Unfortunately, in our society today, people rarely stay married and faithful. They become disillusioned and unhappy and somehow infidelity and divorce become the answer. Our society today is very impatient. I am reminded of the little girl, I believe her name is Violet, in the book, and movie, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

She wants it all and she wants it NOW. Our society is very much impulse based. We are impulse shoppers, impulse eaters and yes, many people are unable to resist extramarital affairs. They rarely take the consequences of their actions into consideration. Married people are now in the minority in our country. I find that very sad.

One of the most common reasons for divorce is a cheating spouse. Men cheat on their wives and women cheat on their husbands. It seems that the stigma that was once attached to the cheating spouse has diminished and people no longer find it shocking to discover the reason that their neighbors divorced was because of a cheating spouse. Admit it, if you are talking to your best friend and she mentions how her husband has been distant lately and has been putting in long hours at work, one of your first thoughts is that he must be a cheating spouse. And for men, if a buddy mentions that his wife has been spending a lot of time going out with her girlfriends, especially if she has single friends, the first think you think is that she must be a cheating spouse.

Cheating spouse are very common on TV and in movies. In some respects, it almost seems that the act of having an affair and cheating on your spouse is romanticized in movies and on TV. And then there is always the poor unsuspecting spouse who is left at home wondering what is going on. Always the last to know. I believe that the long term effects of being involved in a relationship that has a spouse cheating are devastating to the spouse that is being cheated on.

If they suspect their spouse is being unfaithful, the stress of not knowing can have ill effects on their mental and physical well being. Losing sleep because of an unfaithful spouse is very common. In order to take control of your happiness, you need to find out the truth and deal with it. It is unfortunate that infidelity is so common in society today but it is a fact. If you have ever been cheated on by a spouse or significant other, you know that affects your ability to trust in future relationships.

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