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Condoms Finding the Right Fit

Lets face it: condoms are a necessity if you are going to have safe sex, but how can you determine which condom is best for you? I mean, do you choose plain or reservoir tipped? Regular or ribbed? Lubed or Non lubed? These decisions can be enough to make your eyes cross, however, through trial and error you will surely find a condom that is right for you. Even if it is a glow in the dark, jewel tipped, extra lubey, princess cut. I promise not to laugh.

Anyway, we have plenty of reasons why we should be practicing safe sex with each and every encounter. From Sexually Transmitted Diseases, commonly known as STDs and, of course, pregnancy.

Wouldnt it make sense to put some time and effort into finding the perfect condom for you?

You may want to begin by choosing a material. There are three major material choices, including: latex, polyurethane, and animal skin. Animal skin, while it may feel nice, will not protect you from STDs. Try a more common material such as, latex. Latex, is cheap, durable, and it protects well against pregnancy and STDs. The one drawback that you may encounter is that latex lends itself to tears when used in conjunction with oil based lubricants.

My advice, use a different type of lubricant. Polyurethane condoms, while similar to latex, are a little thinner, thus less durable. They cost a bit more, but can be used with both oil based and water based lubricants.

Next, you may want to explore the major differences between the numerous condom types. For example, what kind of tip would fit your needs? No pun intended.

Perhaps you would consider a reservoir tip. This type of condom has an extra space at the end of the condom (a reservoir, if you will) to collect semen. Plain tips are another option, however, they do not offer any additional space at the tip for the collection of semen.

There are also several choices as far as shape and fit are concerned. Form fit condoms are intended to fit just below the head of your penis. Regular shaped condoms offer strait sides, and flared condoms fill the space between form fit and regular shaped condoms. Beyond these basics, you will also have several more decisions to make: taste (or flavor), texture, color, shape, and for the adventurous: glow in the dark!

While it may seem like a difficult decision, finding the perfect condom for you is worth its weight in gold. After all, who wants to discover that their condom is too small, or causes irritation, during one of the many steamy moments that life has to offer?


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