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Do You Know Where to Find Single Women in Your Area

It's important to try to find alternative means for meeting women instead of hanging out at your local bar. Due to their competitive nature and noisy environment, I feel bars aren't the best place to approach women. The truth is there are a lot more locations which are filled with women. Today, I am going to reveal three unique places which have an incredible ratio of women to men. At first you might think they're a little off-the-wall. However if take a chance and check them out, I guarantee you'll discover a treasure trove of attractive women.

Dance Class- One of the best suggestions I ever heard about meeting women is to take a dance class. At first I thought enrolling in a dance class was a too *chickish*. But when I swallowed my pride and showed up the first day, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of available women. In fact, I figured out that there were three girls for every guy in the dance class! Obviously, it was pretty easy to talk to women in this environment! By taking this type of class, you're showing an attractive side to women because you're getting out there and learning how to dance. Even if you stink at first, you'll still make a good impression. 2- Yoga, Pilates or Meditation Classes- Nowadays, there are a lot of places that offer yoga, Pilates and meditation classes.

By attending a class like this, you can easily find a lot of girls with an athletic and spiritual side. Furthermore, these classes have the same incredible ratio of women to men. So this is another place where you have no problem finding a girl to talk to. What I like best about the "spiritual/athletic" type class is the women here to respect themselves a lot more then the girls who spend every weekend at a bar. They also tend to be in a lot better shape! 3- Karaoke Bars- Okay, I am actually saying with a straight face that Karaoke bars are incredible places to meet women. Think of it this way.

A lot of women go to these bars to have fun with their friends and not be subjected to the annoyances of a typical bar. Primarily they are at a Karaoke bar to have a little fun and meet new people. That means with a little self-deprecating humor, you can easily start a conversation with any girl of your choice. Now I understand the prospect of singing can be quite intimidating.

The truth is the singing skill can be easily learned. So you might want to invest in lessons which can help both your singing and your voice. A byproduct of taking voice lessons is you gain confidence in your ability to speak with women.

If you take the time to check out all three of the locations that I described in this article, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to meet incredible women. While they might seem a weird place to go, I guarantee you'll like the results. So take a chance and check them out!.

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