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Double Your Dating

Maximizing Yourself and Increasing Your Dates Dating in today's society has become a difficult process at best. To actually become desirable enough to attract potential dates on a consistent basis, one has to be diverse in methodology as well as ones own particular styles and aspects. Today, we will be discussing ways in which you can maximize yourself to become the ultimate dating prospect from the viewpoints of the opposite sex. Our approach will be the physical, personality, and the lure.

First, we will take a look at your personal attributes on the physical level. This is a simple enough process. Take a good look at your area.

Find out what is "in" from a physical perspective. Generally you will find two basic overall viewpoints of what the opposite sex in your area is looking for in the physical realm. Take hair for example. Let's say the two desirable styles in your community are short hair and long.

These are the extremes, but are adequate as an example. In this case, the clever individual would find a place in the middle, somewhere between short and long hair, and adhere to that style. This would open you up to potential dates on both ends of the spectrum. Next we will move to the attitude.

Everyone in the world has a particular attitude, an original personality. How could one mold him or her to be able to open them up to fit all of them, or even a majority? It seems impossible at best. However, there is a way to make you more approachable to all of them.

This comes in the form of intuitiveness. You have to be able to take a look at the potential date and glean a great amount of information from them at a glance. Let us say, for example, that you see a potential dating prospect.

You see that they have short hair that would take only seconds to style in the morning. From this single aspect we can safely assume that they are impatient. Next, you notice that they are wearing scuffed up tennis shoes. From this you can figure that they are active, likely in outdoor activities or sports. There are thousands of physical points you can gather at a glance. Look at the way they dress, walk, stand, and style themselves.

Once you see all this and put the equation together you can figure out an approach by using a similar viewpoint, as these individuals would have. Lastly, we have the lure. This is a fairly in-depth process, but can be summed up adequately in a short amount of space. The most difficult aspect of dating is asking someone out. With that in mind, the whole process can be far less stressful if you can get the other person to ask you out. This can be achieved by becoming the ideal potential date for this individual.

First, you have to make yourself noticeable. The basic approach can be done with latter two points, physical and personality, but that is just the beginning. Getting someone to notice you is easy enough, but making them go the extra distance to actually asking you out is a whole different concept. To do this, you have to make yourself desirable to an extreme. To do this, all you have to do is make the prospective date know that you are willing to be asked out.

The key to this is to not be shy. Smile at them. Catch their eyes and don't look away. Let them know that they are noticed. Once they see that there is a spark of interest there, they cannot help themselves but to become interested. This tells them that they have a chance.

Next, give them time. If the person is a random individual that you see at the resturaunt, then eat slowly. Sometimes an individual has to build up the courage to actually take that final step. Take your time, continue your provocative glances and smiles at them. Make the job easier on them and inevitably they will become bold enough to ask you out.

http://juble.com/ In the end, you can blame your lack of dates on anyone that you wish, but what it basically comes down to is you. The ultimate results of how often you are asked out or your date possibilities say yes will revolve around how much time and effort that you are willing to invest in making it work out.

Be patient and work on making your self the ultimate dating experience. http://juble.com/.

Double Your Dating


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