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EdD And Distance Learning for Leadership in Education

EdD and distance learning enables employed educational professionals to develop the knowledge and skills to improve the productivity of their institutions, provide leadership qualities and achieve professional goals. EdD degrees strengthen the abilities of teachers to address the challenges in the classroom, at district, state or at a university level and help the students to improve achievements. Admission to a distance learning EdD program is limited to employed educational professionals with a minimum three years of full-time professional work experience at the time of enrollment, including supervisory or administrative experience. Qualifications required for the admission to EdD and distance learning programs are a Master's degree from an accredited institution and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.

0 or better. Additional requirements include the scores from the General Section of the GRE, and a minimum overall QPA of 3.5 reflected on the graduate transcript. Candidates for a doctoral degree course in education are also required to submit a sample of analytic writing, either a masters thesis or published articles accompanied by a written statement of career goals and objectives. Difference between PhD and EdD programs The major purpose and the design of the courses differentiate a PhD program from an EdD program.

The EdD program is designed to prepare practitioners and includes coursework, internships, and independent work in learning and instruction, materials development, supervision, evaluation, and research synthesis. The PhD program is designed to prepare researchers and includes coursework, internships, and independent work in research design, data analysis, and instructional theory. An EdD and distance learning program is offered in Educational Leadership and Administrator Leadership for Teaching and Learning. EdD in Educational Leadership prepares learners to become transformational leaders who will strategically manage and lead complex educational organizations. Educational practitioners with demonstrated analytical, critical, and innovative thinking gain skills and the ability to improve the performance of educational institutions.

The EdD in Administrator Leadership in Teaching and Learning is designed to broaden the sphere of administrative capacities of the participants. This program has two specializations, designed for experienced teachers and administrators who want to continue their practice while assuming leadership roles in their schools and communities. EdD and Distance Learning Courses University of Phoenix Online offers a Doctor of Education program in Educational Leadership. Emphasis is on teacher education and program evaluation. The EdD degree is intended for advanced professionals with a Master's degree in education and the desire to extend their repertoire of professional, operational concepts and skills.

Walden Univesity also offers an online Doctor of Education program. This program is designed to provide an in depth study in curriculum and instruction, research foundations, and a cognate area. The degree is designed for classroom teachers, school curriculum supervisors, college instructors of curriculum and instruction, or college instructors of specialized content areas.

A fifteen hour cognate is required. The EdD through distance learning is a powerful means which enables educational professionals to improve professional practices in schools, colleges, or other educational settings and institutions.

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