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Fireworks All Year Long

Has your relationship fallen into a routine in which the passion has fizzled or perhaps even been extinguished? How would you like to rekindle the spark that used to burn so passionately? You may have a solid marriage that has weathered the storms of life, but this can still lead to complacency. With some effort, you can ignite passion in your relationship all year long. So many couples wait for factors to line up perfectly as in a solar eclipse before they experience the renewal of passion between them.

You can make passion as predictable as a sunrise but you've got to get out of your comfort zone. You have to stretch your thinking into new areas you didn't even know existed before. Are you willing to change how you do things? Two critical things will determine the future of your relationship. If you're not careful these two things will negatively influence the quality of your relationship. 1) The Information You Take In.

Positive information will attract positive circumstances. Fill your mind up with stories of happy loving couples who enjoy being together instead of stories of hateful divorces. Study books and attend seminars that focus on the enrichment of relationships.

Everyone can learn more when it comes to relationships. Commit yourself to learn all you can, so that you can become a great partner. 2) The People You Associate With.

Individuals or couples can either drag you down or inspire you to new heights. Create distance between you and the negative ones. If you can't create distance because they are family or coworkers, at least limit the length of your interactions. I used to say to tell my clients: "Don't associate with any negative people! Period!" I have done a lot of research on this subject and I have found out you can actually associate with about four or five negative people.

For some of us, that's just enough room to fit our families in. Renew your resolve to make your relationship passionate. Make a conscious decision and then take Meaningful steps towards this goal. Remind yourself of this goal each and every day.

Here are some strategies to help propel your passion for each other to new heights. 1) Arrange for a babysitter. Most men consider this to be the woman's responsibilty but all women love it when the man takes the initiative. This strategy alone will blow her doors off. Ask family or friends to watch your children and then return the favor.

2) Run away from home. Daily routines can douse the flames of passion. Get away for a night or two. Develop a friendship with a travel agent and ask them to remind you from time to time of your resolve to make your relationship a passionate one.

If money is an issue then you might want to consider friends or family members who have a vacation home or perhaps you could trade homes with someone for a weekend. 3) Tell your partner why you love him or her, not just that you do. This could be by writing a love letter or by whispering in their ear while sitting in the movie theatre. ( By the way guys, women crave love letters from the man she loves.

). 4) Plan time to be together. Don't just wait for it to happen. Passion is increased by anticipation. Schedule a date and let the two of you revel in the possibilities. This builds up the excitement.

5) Dress up for each other. This used to be a top priority but once we seal the deal, we tend to neglect the extra shower and the splash of cologne/ perfume. Make the effort to present your best self. I also encourage you to workout in order to stay in shape.

Do your best to maintain your health and your youth. Is your relationship growing in passion? Don't lose the fun and excitement that should and could be yours. Start today with a conscious effort to set your passion on fire.

Mark Webb is the author of How To Be a Great Partner and founder of Partner Focused Relationships?. Sign up for Mark Webbs Relationship Strategies Ezine ($100 value). Just visit his website at http://www.powerfulrelationshipadvice.com or http://www.therelationshipspecialist.com.


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