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i Love You How To Say It In Romanian

The three magic words, "I love you", turn into two on translation from English into Romanian. "Te iubesc" - are the words every Romanian girl dreams of being told since they read about it in a novel or heard it being said in a drama or a movie. Expressing one's love by saying those words is a crucial step in any relationship in Romania. Girls will rarely be the first to declare their love in a relationships.

They would like the boy to do so before they reciprocate. The first time "Te iubesc" is uttered can be a very tender and emotional moment, perhaps even more than the first kiss. Now the question is, what is the right time to say "Te iubesc?" How do you say it, and to whom, for that matter? These are some vital matters you should ponder over if you are in love with a Romanian girl.

In life and in love nothing is alike, as you well know. Each relationship is special, each person has something special, and each person has a different way of thinking. Therefore, love has no general recipes, but there are some tips though, which can be taken into consideration if you figure out that one day you may say "te iubesc" to somebody. It would be unwise to say "te iubesc" to someone you have just met. Love at first sight can be tricky business.

In most cases, it can be just an infatuation, even plain sexual attraction. It generally involves burning passion rather than warm affection, and is like a tornado that leaves a trail of destruction in its trail. In Romania "Te iubesc" does not mean "I want you right now". Rather it means "I want to be by your side always, I want to hold your hands and look deep into your eyes, I want to wake up every morning with you by my side". So in Romania people tend not to blurt out their love as soon as they meet a person after their heart. They wait till they come to know that person better.

When you are absolutely certain that you are truly in love with this person, you are ready to say "I love you". Sometimes at this stage the ego may step in. Why sould I be the first to profess my love, and not the other person? This is the way some people might think, and the result is that love takes a back seat in the clash of egos.

Again, a woman could feel insulted when she tells someone that she loves him, and receives no suitable reply. On the other hand, a man may sometimes want to say "I love you" from the bottom of his heart, but hold back due to a crisis of confidence. In such situation, it is advisable that you go by your intuition and encourage the other person to express their feelings or say it yourself.

Furthermore, the moment you say "I love you" is important as well. If you are a girl, you cannot confess your love when he watches a football match. You must find a romantic place; you must create a romantic atmosphere.

You must say "I love you" for the first time, when you look deeply into his or her eyes, not on the instant messenger or in an e-mail. Finally, let us talk about how to say "I love you" in Romanian. Well, it could go something like this - "te iubesc, m-ai vrajit tu cu ceva daca am spus-o" (I love you; you have somehow mesmerized me and I had to tell you).

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