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Need To Get Your Girlfriend Back So You Wont Have To Be Alone

Thinking about how much you need your girlfriend isn't going to help you win her back. It will only make you more miserable.full of self pity, doubt, anxiety and then cascading down into despair and desperation.

Not pretty at all - right? Why do you think you won't be OK without her? Not sure how you will make it by yourself? Are you afraid to be alone? Now believe me I know how you feel, I'm not trying to be hard on you but it's time for you to get a handle on this. Maybe you need to face up to some realities about yourself first, before you can really be the type of guy that will be attractive to your ex girlfriend, or any girl for that matter. Neediness and desperation are not qualities that will get you respected and admired by women in general. Think about how it plays at the movies, the stereotypical desperate dumpee that draws a few embarrassing laughs throughout the show, not a role you want to be playing in real life - trust me! If you are afraid of being alone, no one else can fix that for you for long, so even if you do get her back it will just be a band-aid and you'll still be afraid of losing her again.

So what's the solution here? You need to find yourself instead needing her. Find out what makes you strong and gets you happy. Now I don't mean to get all mushy on you here, I know talk about self love and self esteem can head some guys into the hills, but we are talking about you having to live with yourself the rest of your life, whether your girlfriend comes back to you or not.

And having to live with fear all the time, fear of being alone or any other type of fear does not make for a fulfilling existence. Face your fear and find out that it isn't real, choose some self respect instead of neediness and let real love surface for your ex girlfriend instead of desperate attempts to get her back. Switch your focus to the things you really love about your ex, and some of the positive reasons why you want to get back together with her and then get SMART about the next moves you should make to succeed in getting back your girlfriend.

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