Safe Online Dating 

Dating online can be a scary mysterious thing for many people. Of course you're going to be a little questionable of someone you meet online because how do you really know if they are who they say they are? Well here are some tips to assure your safety so you can make meeting people online fun!

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Online Dating Tips

by Roger Overanout

If you are just getting into the world of online dating and don't know its finer points, then the following tips should be of help: 1. Be sure to have a nickname that attracts interest. Don't try to be too sexy or hints at marriage, a little finesse goes a long way. A nickname that uses your own name is best avoided. A nickname based on your looks may prove appealing to men.

2. Be patient, at first you may be tempted to send e-mails to all the attractive member of the opposite sex with your zip code. But if you are a little patient you my find that some of those will contact you first. If anyone you are attracted to doesn't get in contact with you, send them a short e-mail and then wait for them to respond.

3. On the first date be a little cautious about the questions you answer. Don't give your date any information about your income or any past relationships. Do not rush in and tell them how much you want to get married!

4. Always have more than one photograph in your résumé, initially men find the visual aspect much more attractive. If you post plenty of photos, a potential date will get a better idea about how you look and whether you may be his type, before they meet you.

5. If some one will not send you a photograph, forget them, they may not have something to hide, but why take a chance.

6. If a person only sends you his picture or his profile may not be worth a response. It is better if they send you an email as well.

7. Be patient wait at least 24 hours before you reply to your date's e-mail. If you get back to them too quickly, they may get the impression that you are too desperate.

8. Don't log on to your personal website or answer e-mails on a Friday or Saturday. You want to give the impression you are popular and not available on the weekend.

9. If someone does not respond, stop e-mailing them. If they really want to meet you, they will contact you and ask you out for a date. Don't appear to keen.

10. If someone doesn't ask you out after several e-mails you need to reassess where the relationship is going. Keep mentioning that you are going out with friends and if they cannot take a hint it may be best to stop all communication with them.

11. Usually emails are quite short but this is one of those times when there is no need to keep them short. Getting a short three-line email can seem strange or even rude to someone who has sent you a long e-mail.

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