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Plants Are Friends Of Humans

Many a time it is the proper information that can transform an individuals life. Go through this article I have every belief that it will help you immensely. Its a scientifically proven fact that we will be stress free should we take care of plants. Taking good care of the greener part of the plant that is the leafs (the ones dressed with leaves not Martians!) we could the hitherto buried side of our nature.

This will teach us how to behave well with others apart from imbibing the value of others care from the scene of dying flowers just for want of care. Taking plants as our companions we acquire new responsibility, as we begin to adopt living organisms. It is through this way we can learn to pay attention to others.

Lets focus our attention on the needs that are alien to our pride rather ego. Gradually, we come to know of the facts that how much water a plant need, the amount of daylight and the intervals a plant require for further watering. These cares automatically come forward and guide us in our behavior vis-a-vis other.

More and more it makes us aware of other persons. Sincere attachment with a beautiful flower enthuse us to discover our inner beauty hitherto concealed. There are ample studies available concluding that lovable care of plants make the emotional and general life of a person better than ever.

They seem to have a pacific effect enough to decrease stress, losses the muscles and finally uplifting the mind frame of people. Studies suggest that the very presence of plants lessen mental stress. If somehow we are overpowered by worry and strain, just have a glance of a lovable flower for a trice and lo we are worry free and strain less. In fine it can be said that plant not only mesmerize but also pull all towards them and by their power of attraction they evaporate dullness and tediousness.

And the oxygen exhaled out by the plants creates a sense of belongingness. Big trees on strategic locations help us negotiate noise by absorbing them between the source and us. This is like the same effect that hanging paintings around some empty room play down the echoing effect. Further the leaves also reduce noises of mobile phones, Xerox machine printers or other such stuffs causing the noise a bit melodious. These are all that I have on the plant world and I hope it was informative for you.

Colin writes about various topics ranging from flowers to nutrition. To find more from him, visit his website: Online flowers


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