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The Wedding Party Make it Memorable

The actual ceremony is often the most important part of the wedding day to the bride and groom and close family and friends, but the wedding party is what most people ultimately remember and the key is to make sure that you adequately provide for all the guests with great food and entrainment. These are the two key aspects of any good party and a wedding party is no different. In this article we will cover on what you can do to make your wedding party as special as the wedding itself. The first and most important aspect of the party that we will address is the food.

Your guests are going to be giving you a lot of expensive and wonderful presents so you want to make sure that you offer them a full buffet with appetizers, multiple courses, and desert. You need to first establish how many people will be coming to your wedding and then determine how much food you think you should order. Make sure that your order is larger than what you expect since it is much better to have more food than to come up short. You also want to make sure that you order food from a classy restaurant well in advance so that you know it will be ready when it is time for your wedding. Entertainment can often be created on the spot or planned the night before (though I strongly suggest you don't do this), but if you don't have the food, you don't have the food and there is little you can do. Pick a restaurant and place an order week in advances so that the restaurant has time to prepare for this order and when it comes time to make the food, they are able to do it and you will have the food ready.

Some couples will order large quantities of food from restaurants, while others will hire a full catering service. I recommend that you utilize a catering service as they will make and serve the food throughout the party. As far as entertainment is concerned, the one thing you need is music and dancing so be sure to hire a DJ and to book a venue with a dance floor or an area to dance. This is not always possible due to schedule conflicts and price, but it is always special to have a live performer at the wedding. If you know that you have adequately planned for the food and entertainment to be provided at your wedding party, everything else should fall into place.

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