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Dating online can be a scary mysterious thing for many people. Of course you're going to be a little questionable of someone you meet online because how do you really know if they are who they say they are? Well here are some tips to assure your safety so you can make meeting people online fun!

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Should I try Online Dating? Why?

by Cenk Butunley

With the help of rapidly growing online community, online dating is becoming a part of our personal lives that you shouldn't miss and at least have tried once in your lifetime for the fun and the benefits of online dating. So why should you bother finding a decent dating site and paying tens of bucks?

- Expanding your dating circle. It's easy to find fun and attractive people from all around the world for chatting, fun, friendship and maybe a serious relationship.

- Just Singles. There will be thousands of singles waiting for you get in touch with them. It is not like going to a nightclub, trying every other potents and praying for her/him to be single.

- Approaching and being approached easily. If you are the shy type, it must be very nerve-racking to approach other sex but with the advantage anonymity of online dating, approaching, chatting is easier than it used to be.

- Safety. One of the most important advantages of online dating is safety. In online dating, you dont have to reveal your personal details unless you want to. No email address or phone number exchange is required.

- Save Money. How much are you spending, when you go to a bar, pub or a nightclub for a night to find other singles? Tens of pounds or dollars, maybe more. But with the competition in the online dating business, you can easily find very reputable sites offering their services for one digit figures.

So you decided to give online dating a try, what must you consider before registering for a dating service?:

- Look for dating site reviews, take recommendations.

- Determine how much you're willing to spend.

- Dont jump into free dating sites at first as there will be thousands of irrelevant profiles which are inactive or inappropriate. Try a reputable dating site until you know how to take advantages of online dating.

- Make a list of the dating sites you're considering to join and compare.

You have possibly been using or had used Internet for shopping. Online dating is not so different than online shopping. You're shopping to find the right person in the right place safely and cheap. So dont stuck up in your own social circle, think big.

Remember your other half or soulmate could be waiting for you on the other side of the world. Give them a chance. Give yourself a chance.

About the Author

Cenk Butunley is the founder of MyBestDate, an Online Dating Service company serving internationally. He has specialized in software engineering since 1998, including three years as a Senior Developer for Bromcom Computers Plc., a software publishing company.


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